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Howtobeasinglemom.com is about what it means to be a single mother. This site is a forum for discussing our thoughts, dreams, and experiences. It is a resource for sharing our fears, insights, and victories. It is a safe place to support and encourage each other.

More than 10 million single mothers live in the U.S. today. We come from all races, social, and economic backgrounds. We share a common goal to love our children and build successful lives for our families.

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About Liz Shultz

I always knew I would be a mom. Growing up in a small town, I thought I would marry a factory worker, have a family, and live contentedly ever after. I did get married and have a daughter; but I found myself divorced at 25, with no education, a child in kindergarten, and a job cleaning hotel rooms for minimum wage.

Over the next eight years I worked full-time, went to classes at night, and completed a BA degree. I remarried and taught preschool while I began writing, first curriculum and articles, then blogs and websites.

I have never forgotten how it feels to be a single mom; to feel alone and fearful of the future, to stay up all night with a sick kid and then go to work in the morning, to work hard all week and feel exhausted and frustrated on the weekend. I also remember what I learned during those years; how to take care of myself and my daughter, how to set goals and strive to reach them, how to develop trust and confidence in myself.

I hope my experience and understanding will help other single mothers who are striving to connect and be encouraged.

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Fishing is a great metaphor for life!

Always be ready to catch new opportunities.

Always be willing to release what doesn't work for you.

I hope you find something worth keeping today.