Today I pray you find the source, that place where God’s love pours out and covers you with joy.

I pray you always know your value to the world and feel comforted that your purpose is being fulfilled.

I pray you share your gift with others, that you give all you have to offer, and know you bring goodness and peace wherever you go.

I pray you always know your worth to share in God’s blessings and believe you are deserving of all God has granted to you.

Today I pray you go forward in God’s love to share His grace with the world. Know you are walking on an inspired and holy path!

How do you share your blessings with others? How do you know God is with you today?


Summer is my favorite season. Long days, growing things, and birdsong on my morning walk all give me hope and certainty that life goes on as God intends.

This summer I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and productive season. Know that God is with you on the path that you are walking.

Remember every morning is a new beginning and you are free to choose the character of your day.

Be grateful for the beauty all around you and give thanks for every moment of your life.  

Consider the birds that neither sow nor reap, but God feeds them, and He will provide for you too.

Watch for all the evidence of God’s goodness in your life and believe He is there to always care for you.

This summer day I pray you enjoy all the blessings this season has to offer. Know God is with you through every season of the year.

How do you enjoy spending your summer days? How do you know God is with you through all the seasons of your life?


Road closed ahead, the gps told us. Follow directions for detour. Expect delays.

We pulled off the highway at the exit, following the signs and the line of cars along a winding, narrow country road, past quiet houses on the outskirts of nowhere. The trail of traffic crept slowly, a line of red tail lights stretching into the distance. We often sat motionless, idling in grid lock, wedged between rumbling engines with no end in sight. 

Inside our car, patience wore thin. We moaned and muttered about the injustice of this delay to the start of our vacation.

“By the time we get out of this, the week will be over.”

“We’ll have to turn around and go home.”

But as we waited behind a smoking diesel semi-trailer, it occurred to me that I didn’t know the reason for our forced delay, but God did. I considered that an accident may have closed that stretch of highway, or a construction team was working to make the road smoother for others. I began to appreciate that God had rerouted us along scenic country roads where the sun set behind distant hills. I gave thanks that our detour carried us around a scene of potential danger and got us moving again in the right direction. Despite arriving at our hotel three hours later than we anticipated, tired and irritated from the long delay, I felt grateful that we were safe and able to continue on our travels.

We are often forced to take detours in our lives. Trips don’t always go as planned. Routes change. Unexpected events make demands on our time, and unforeseen obstacles block our paths.

Too often we focus on our desired destinations. We fret about schedules and estimated times of arrival. We grumble and complain about where we want to be, when we should instead give thanks and appreciate whatever road we are traveling.

Today I pray you are grateful for the detour you are facing. Know there is a reason you are exploring that winding, twisting route along a road you may not have expected to see. Remember that God is leading you safely around any barriers that block your way, and He will put you on the correct path to your destination.

Where is your road taking you today? How do you show gratitude for the delays in your journey?