Five Lessons I Learned From Teaching Five-Year-Olds

Many years ago I spent my days teaching a kindergarten prep program for the school district. While I taught my students about sharing toys and rhyming words, I learned a few lessons as well.

We learn something new every day. Each day is an opportunity to discover and explore new ideas, experiences, and relationships. We never outgrow the desire to learn, and when we remain open to new possibilities, every day can be an exciting adventure.

As we grow stronger, we will climb higher. Life is about testing our limits, and we never stop growing and developing new abilities. When we are not afraid to face new challenges, extend our reach, and grab for a higher bar, eventually we will arrive at the top.

Friendships can be fluid. Sometimes people join us for a while, teach us what we need to learn in that season, and then move on to interactions with others. When we love the people who share our lives, and remain open to discovering new friendships, we find that we always have the relationships we need when we need them.

Play outside every day. We live on a great and beautiful planet of changing seasons and endless horizons. We are never too old to find wonder in the world around us. When we take time to notice new sights and appreciate the beauty God created, we experience joy.

Wash your hands. While playing outdoors is fun, it is important to clean up when we go back to class. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves, and when we spend the time properly maintaining our health, we stay strong and available to care for others.

Today I pray you love and learn, play and grow. Always know God is at the head of your class.

What have you learned from your experiences with children in your care? What do you want to teach the children in your life?


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