How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a difficult time for many single moms. We may be dealing with conflict and drama with our children’s fathers, or we may hold unresolved issues with our own father figures.

But one Father is always present and always cares for his children. He is always loving, concerned, comforting, and compassionate. One father never fails, never leaves, never turns his back. He always listens, always responds, always helps.

“He chose us . . . before the foundation of the world . . . having predestined us to adoption as [children] by Jesus Christ to himself” (Ephesians 1:4-5).

It does not matter where we were born or who raised us. God adopts us as his children and welcomes us into his loving family. We can know we are accepted as his cherished children because he loves us all.

This Father’s Day, I am thanking God the Father who cares for all his children. I am grateful for the Father who loves us every day.

How have you thanked God this Father’s Day? How do you feel about being one of God’s cherished children?



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