How to Travel Light

I will be taking a camping trip soon, so I’m collecting and organizing the gear I plan to pack. I have bought new towels, swim suits, flip flops, and sunscreen; gathered sleeping bags, flashlights, backpacks, and bug spray; collected trail mix, granola bars, beef jerky, and water bottles. I am bringing everything I can possibly imagine to make this trip more comfortable and pleasant.

No trip is about the things we carry with us, but its purpose is to find something new. We venture out to enjoy time with our companions, discover new and memorable views, and explore how people and worlds are different yet similar. We return home with a renewed appreciation for the place where we are known and loved.

Our journey through life is not about the possessions we accumulate, but its goal is to appreciate the lessons we learn. We create a rich life by celebrating time with people we love, discovering new ideas and abilities, and expanding our perceptions of the world. We learn to express our trust and gratitude for the God who knows all and loves us always.

Soon I will be traveling a new and unpredictable road. I will take with me an open mind, an eagerness to explore, and a trust that I’ll return home with a new perspective. Throughout all my journeys I have learned that life is not constantly comfortable or pleasant, but we always have everything we need.

Where is your journey taking you this summer? What do you hope to learn along the way?


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