It’s Time to Grow

January seems like a bad time to make a resolution. Days appear dark and gloomy. Nights stretch long and cold. My willpower flags, and I slip into the malaise of gray days and sofa sitting.

Spring is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Days bloom warm and bright. Nights bring peace and restfulness. I feel reenergized and ready to undertake new tasks, embark on new adventures, and accept new assignments that promise expansion and success.

This spring I am looking forward to finding new focus and declaring new goals for the future. I am working to build stronger relationships and define my true priorities. I am excited about the months ahead that will yield a new blooming of optimism and faith.

I resolve to give more attention to my valued friends and family, to listen to their dreams and plans, and to share my own anticipations and hopes. I intend to take more notice of the explosion of growth all around me and to be grateful for every moment of light and life.

I have already deleted the solitaire app from my phone, cancelled our cable TV package, and determined to spend less time in the living room. I’m ready to move forward to face new challenges and explore every opportunity this spring will bring.

This week I encourage you to accept all the possibilities that new beginnings offer. I pray you will be open to receive the promise of a limitless future.

What are you looking forward to finding this spring? How do you resolve to explore the possibilities?


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